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Terms & Conditions

Budget dependant on current exchange rate of R14.50 to R14.75 / Euro and supplier costs and may change at any time due to these increasing.

Budget is only for amounts as listed and any adjustment to quantities or sizes or additional adjustments will be added.

Quotations only valid according to Dalein Plaasbou design.

Ownership: All equipment will remain the property of Dalein Plaasbou until all invoices have been paid in full - we reserve the right to remove from site any goods not paid in full.

Offloading and Security: For client's account.

No retention and penalty clauses will be accepted.

Orders placed with Dalein Plaasbou and cancelled will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee. Any deposit paid will only be repaid once the cancelled equipment has been sold.

All orders placed with Dalein Plaasbou will be subject to Dalein Plaasbou Terms and Conditions.

Due to the unpredictability of influences during installation charges will be on actual time worked.

Transport will be invoiced on actual loads sent.

Dalein Plaasbou reserves the right to correct calculation or mathematical errors at any time.

Pictures are for example purposes only and please note that actual equipment might differ.

Dalein Plaasbou will not be held liable for the correctness of estimates supplied by sub- contractors.

Payment Terms:

- 50% Deposit at order

- 40% Before delivery

- 10% Upon completion